“Flashlight PRO” – give it a go for Android

Fancy a flashlight app for your device that works with SOS flash and timer for your light… Give this app a go

Flashlight Go free for the next five days only



“TouchRetouch” Photo editing app at 20 cents for a limited time

Simply amazing tool to remove unwanted objects in photos. Intuitive and easy to use. Take a look…


I think it’s 20 cents well spent for a very useful photography tool (normally $2.49)

IPhone 8 and iPhone X Australia stream launch time – September 13th, 1 a.m. PERTH, 3 a.m. SYDNEY / MELBOURNE

Apple will start streaming details about the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X at 1 a.m. Perth time (3 a.m. Eastern standard time – Sydney / Melbourne)

There are a ton of rumours on the web as it is so I’ll leave it to you guys to Google the info but it’s expected that the additional iPhone X is the tenth anniversary edition (X being the number ten in Roman numerals), and will feature wireless charging. 

Here’s a link to find out more about iPhone Ten (iPhone X)

iPhone X and 8 launched by Apple biggest ´leap forward since original´ smartphone:


More Apple iPhone 8 cases leaked again.

More cases are being flaunted for the upcoming iPhone 8, this time by Rock.

There’s very little doubt about what the new iPhone will look like now, so all we are waiting to confirm are the final specifications.

PS – Apple iPhone 8 launch date is expected to be September 12, 2017.

Also, apparently Apple are also looking for another supplier for the OLED screens that they are currently purchasing from… You guessed it? Samsung. For more on that story…read here


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Promo Code Australia American Express Promotion

Update: 7/09/2017

I supposed I am part of the lucky 100,000 Amex card holders…

Got the credit the very next day after ordering from Samsung – Thank you American Express and Samsung 🙂

For those who are lucky enough to be American Express card owners and would like to become a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owner, this promo may come in handy…


By registering your details with American Express, Amex will give you a credit of AUD$150 towards the pre-order of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

You will have to click on ‘SAVE to CARD’ and enter your details and using the same card, purchase your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung’s online store.

You must ensure that the card you register with Amex is the same card you use on Samsung’s store (I am sure they have some way of checking this).

It’s not great but it’s a whole 10% off the RRP of the phone, plus you are ordering it directly from Samsung.com.au which pretty much guarantees you, that you are getting it from the source.

Plus – you will also still get the wireless charger that is on offer during the promo period.

Amex has limited this to the first 100,000 card holders only – and full Terms and Conditions are on the Amex page – so good luck and happy shopping.


Samsung Note 8 Promotion Australia – Come on Samsung – Why are some of us ‘MORE’ equal than others?

For those of you who have put in orders for the Samsung Note 8, and for those who haven’t, I can’t help but feel a bit frustrated about the level of commitment Samsung has for it’s customers.

Are Australians (and the rest of us around the globe), not ‘loyal‘ enough for Samsung to be treated equally?

In Australia – the promotion to pre-order the Samsung Note 8, is a bonus wireless charger (valued at AUD$119)


AUS Note 8

Meanwhile – in the USA, you get a choice of a Gear 360 Camera OR – 128GB Transflash card AND the convertible wireless charger.


US Note 8 Promo


But wait … there’s more… and if you are a ‘loyal customer’ who previously owned a Note 7 (of which I have owned both the original, and the second one that they recalled – and cried profusely when I had to return it…), Samsung are offering up to US$425 credit towards the Note 8 as well…


US Note 7 Loyalty

Come on Samsung – we are all one global group of loyal NOTE customers who have had to feel the ‘hurt’ of having to return the Note 7.

How about a little love for all of us – even those of us here DownUnder.

What the iPhone 8 looks like – design accidentally leaked..?

It would appear that this looks like a potential design leak for the iPhone 8.

A retailer has accidentally dropped the ball by offering a shockproof iPhone 8 case for trial or testing.

From the looks of it, there is a dual camera which is placed vertically instead of horizontally, as per iPhone 7.

Also the iPhone 8 screen appears to go from edge to edge with no bezel around it, implying that it’s going to utilise the full front of the screen.

Although this is nothing much in terms of “new” news, but it’s one step closer to confirming its design.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Australia Pre Order from 25th August 2017


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available to pre-order in Australia from the 25th of August 2017 – with an estimated release date of the 15th September at retailers.

The preorder price for this is a whopping AUD$1,499 which is more than it’s predecessors by nearly $200.

On the plus side – users who preorder the unit will be able to redeem a convertible wireless charger as seen below.

As a sweetener for those who had to return their Note 7’s last time around – Samsung are offering early adopters a free screen replacement in case of damage. Considering that this is a $350 value on it’s own, it’s a good bit of insurance to have on a phone worth the value of a laptop.


You can learn more about the preorder process and the wireless charger here



Mobile SMS PayPal scam to get your identity and banking details

I have just received an SMS from a random number notifying me to update my PayPal details. This is obviously a scam and should be reported to

The Australian Government website SCAMWATCH

A screenshot of the offending SMS is listed below. 

The sender was not careful to keep his number anonymous +61 424 768 931

If you receive this SMS and do not wish to report it, then delete it immediately. 

But reporting it does assist the government to notify those who are likely to get scammed by raising awareness.