A reaction to the reaction to the Samsung ”Growing Up” ad.

Recently Samsung released an ad in typical fashion roasting Apple


I showed it to my nephew who then responded with the video below…


I thought that’s a good one, and it’s a great reaction video, and as it’s maker implies, done to appease the Apple Sheep in the name of fun.

Here’s my two cents worth on why Apple is starting to lose fans, of whom I am (or was) one as well…

I’m NOT an Apple hater.

I have a nephew, a brother in law, a sister in law, a wife, a mother, a father, and yes, even I, have iPhone.

Apple make excellent products and I know the Samsung ad is just a marketing strategy.

What I am disappointed about with Apple is this –

Apple know they can do all the things that Samsung or any of their competitors can do, but Apple purposely withhold doing it, so that they can make more money by ‘forcing’ their loyal fans (including myself) to buy more hardware and upgrade when Apple decide it’s time to make more profits.

Buying anything should be a “choice” made by the consumer and not forced due to an avoidable redundancy or marketing strategy.

For example: look whats happening with the iPhone 8. It is virtually redundant in less than 2 months because of iPhone X, forcing loyal customers to upgrade almost immediately.

Apple knew they had the iPhone X but went ahead and released the iPhone 8, to try to discourage people from buying the Samsung Note 8 at that time.

Then the fans who lined up and waited for the iPhone 8, just to feel they didn’t waste their time, bought the iPhone 8. And now probably will end up buying the iPhone X about two months later.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong.
I love Apple products, and will probably get iPhone X at some point.

I just don’t like the fact that Apple are “milking” their loyal fans for profit, instead of bringing out something better or more innovative to encourage users from other platforms to migrate to Apple.

This is something that Samsung is doing. They push the boundaries to build a better product with more features (SD card, stylus, waterproofing, better camera, latest technologies, etc) to encourage Apple users to migrate to Samsung.

They took big risks in the Note 7 with latest battery technology, which very unfortunately failed, filling the internet with exploding Samsung Note 7 memes.

So yes, I know Samsung’s ad, though titled “Growing Up”, is actually quite a childish way of poking fun at the competition, but I still commend Samsung on working hard and pushing the boundaries to bring out something better and being innovative.