If you travel or do business in China be aware of the “Great Firewall of China” when using your apps.

If you are an avid traveler and use everyday apps such as Facebook, Google, Gmail and even some chat programs, be aware of the Great Firewall of China.

China has very strict firewall policies when it comes to apps and social media platforms and some apps which are used on a daily basis in the US, Australia, Singapore and other continents, are “blocked” by law and by the great Firewall, in China. For more info read…

Free Shiny Tapu Koko for Nintendo Pokemon Sun Moon

For all you  Nintendo DS Pokemon Sun and Moon players  out there,  from the 14th of July 2017 till 14th of August 2017, you can receive a free Shiny Tapu Koko in game. 

To get Shiny Tapu Koko, 

  1. Start your Pokemon Sun or Moon game
  2. Select Mystery Gift on the main menu
  3. Select Receive Gift
  4. Select Get via Internet (make sure your Nintendo DS is connected to the internet of course) 
  5. Watch as Shiny Tapu Koko makes its way to your Nintendo
  6. Visit any Pokemon centre in game and talk to the delivery man (male sure you have space in your party to receive Shiny Tapu Koko
  7. Don’t forget to SAVE your game. 


New Ransomware virus – PETYA – Petrwrap – Spreading Worldwide 28 June 2017

Updated 12:30pm

There is currently a new virus / ransomware, that is spreading throughout the world known as the PETYA virus.

PETYA virus original News Link

More Australian businesses affected including legal firms and Cadbury

The virus is similar in terms of Wannacry but improves on it’s predecessor by including a ‘sniff and probe’ function that sniffs and probes your system for passwords or banking information as well.

The other thing that it is known to do is that this virus can (and does) encrypt the Master Boot Record (MBR). Once an MBR is encrypted, the system will no longer boot or power up when it is restarted. The MBR holds information on the operating system and what needs to be loaded in order for the system to start up. If this is encrypted, the PC/laptop/server is unable to find the information required and stops booting, rendering it useless. The only way to recover from an MBR encryption is a full system format or restore from backups.

The best practice for this is to have a full current backup of your systems which are not attached to your network or PC/Laptop/Server, e.g. as a separate removable USB drive or as a cloud hosted backup (though cloud will take longer to restore).

The best protection for this is to be diligent and to prepare by ensuring you have the most up to date patches for both your operating system and your antivirus, and of course the backups as stated above.

Unless you have no other recourse, do not pay the ransom – this just funds the hackers for their next project – which is usually the next, more powerful virus.  Payment of ransoms should always be avoided if necessary.